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About Financial Investments Associates, LLC

Financial Investments Associates, LLC is a State of Florida Registered Investment Adviser. The firm is owned by Francisco Gonzalez-Soldevilla, acting as its Managing Director and Investment Associate. It is a Limited Liability Company formed in August 2009 in the State of Florida. The State of Florida Office of Financial Regulation granted its registration on January 12, 2010. The address of the firm is 9221 SW 60 Street, Miami, FL 33173 (USA).

The firm's aim is to help investors seeking guidance on the identification and establishment of financial goals, on the development of individually-tailored investment strategies to accomplish them, and on the monitoring of investment results to try to meet them as planned.

Clearly, historical performance is never an indication of future returns. Investors are urged to understand that despite careful adherence to individual risk tolerance levels, time horizons, and long term goals, there are no guarantees of any kind when making investments or structuring investments in a portfolio. The investment of assets always carries inherent risks that should be carefully understood and properly evaluated before acting on any investment strategy suggested, for invested capital may be lost in part or entirely if market conditions suddenly change for the worse or when investments made are liquidated prematurely, ahead of their initially determined target or maturity date.

The firm encourages an active participation in its service offering. For additional information, please call our managing director at 305-595-9928. It will be a pleasure to address your individual needs in an expedient and professional manner.

We're Here to Service Your Financial Goals

Our target clients tend to be affluent and high net worth individuals, newly established or experienced professionals, and business entrepreneurs seeking financial and insurance advice. Financial advice is provided under a fee for service agreement, based on the amount of assets under management with the firm. Insurance needs are covered strictly on a commission basis.

Our work encompasses the following:

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