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Insurance Products are offered strictly on a commission basis.

Our associates are agents for numerous well-recognized and long-established insurance carriers offering the following products and professional services:

Insurance Needs Assessment

Kindly, note that there may be instances where in the course of performing advisory services a client’s need for life insurance, health insurance, or disability insurance is uncovered. At such time, our associate will disclose to the client that he/she is not obligated to purchase the coverage through our associate. However, if the client decides to purchase the coverage through our associate, the commissions received for the sale of the coverage will be compensation due the insurance agent under separate insurance distribution contracts, unrelated to any existing agreement for investment advice between the client and this firm. In essence, the subsequent issuance of an insurance contract purchased through one of our firm’s associates acting as a licensed insurance agent is not related to the investment or management services we provide. Insurance agents distribute insurance products under a separate contract between the agent and an insurance company. The distribution of insurance products will generally result in the payment of commissions, unrelated, separate, and distinct from the advisory fees paid by the client to Financial Investments Associates, LLC under any existing adviser agreement in force at the time


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