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Our Approach


The client’s assets are held at the client’s discretion in any financial institution of the client’s choice. The firm does not hold clients’ assets. However, for clients who do not have a preference or for those whose legacy custodians charge more for trades than what is regularly charged by firms commonly known as discount brokers, the firm would suggest a custodian charging discount-level commissions on trades without any representation that the firm's suggestion would figure as the absolute lowest charges for trades in light of the ever-changing discount broker marketplace.


The management of the assets is effected by the use of a trading authorization agreement, duly signed by the client to authorize the firm’s agent’s access to trade on behalf of the client the client’s assets, after it is accepted by the custodian of the assets. For clarification, a trading authorization is a signed authorization that allows the named agent strictly to trade in the client’s account. It is a limited power of attorney that does not provide the authority to transfer assets or use the assets for any purpose other than trading. The form only allows for the execution of transactions on behalf of the client, for the exclusive benefit of the client and no one else.


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